Welcome to my website and blog!

Firstly, I guess I should introduce myself… My name is Lindsay Hall. I’m a 28 year old nature loving yogi dancer island gyal living on the small Caribbean island of Tobago. I teach Yoga and do Thai Yoga Massage here on the island and I’m also a full time Mommy to little Ayla and a little white fluff of a dog, Marley (both are equally my babies!).

I am the founder and owner of Island Yoga Lifestyle, which is my yoga business in Tobago. Soon after I started teaching regularly I had the idea to take the business online so hopefully I can reach a wider audience. And the blog idea was born… and here it is! Welcome!!!

I am super excited to start the Island Yoga Lifestyle blog. The idea to create a blog has been swimming around in my head for a few months now and I kept delaying actually starting it for various, not so important reasons. But enough is enough! There’s no time like the present! Today I start with this Welcome post!

My intention and hope is for this blog to help others healthily navigate life by sharing my personal insights. Insights that have come to me through the practice of yoga and mindfulness and what I’ve learned from simple island living. I plan to share parts of my life and discuss yoga and mindfulness, but also touch on topics like health and natural living, only sharing my truth. I may even throw in a few yummy vegan/gluten free recipes or a picture of Marley from time to time!

I really do hope my writing brings some positivity to your life and can be of value to you. Thanks for tuning in!

So to wrap up this first post, let’s end with a deep breath…





One Love * Namaste

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Congratulations Lindsay on both being a mother and your business. I know it will be a success and one of a kind in Tobago not only for the Tobaginian but the many international visitors to the island.

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