Change A Habit For A Healthier 2017

First of all seasons greetings everyone! Or as my dad likes to say, seasonings greetings! I hope this festive season has brought you joy and many memorable moments with loved ones. ❤

Okay let’s jump into the post before 2016 is over.

When I created this website back in November I made a promise to myself that I would post on my blog once a week. It’s barely a month in and I find it hard to stick to that schedule. Not because I don’t have time but because I am the worst procrastinator ever!

Seeing as the end of 2016 is fast approaching I think it is time I drop this habit that really hasn’t been helping me and take on the challenge of creating a new healthier habit. I think procrastination is something many people do and 2017 seems like a good year for those procrastinators out there to figure out how to change this.

I was reading one of my favourite blogs Zen Habits, the article was about attachments and the writer said when we procrastinate “we are attached to things being easy and comfortable (like distractions), rather than accepting that to do something important, we have to push into discomfort.”

This really resonated with me. When I thought about it this way, procrastination as an attachment to comfort, something clicked. That’s my struggle! For whatever reason my mind would rather be distracted by Instagram and WhatsApp than sit down and write a blog post. This makes sense… THIS is something I can deal with and change!

For whatever reason seeing procrastination as an attachment to comfort and not just simplifying it to laziness has already helped me start to detach. So I plan on continuing to explore how I can change the habit of procrastination to a habit of GETTING ISH DONE in a timely fashion and work on welcoming discomfort! It is only by allowing ourselves to sit in discomfort, and being mindful of our impulses do we learn about ourselves and grow as human beings.

I will update on my progress and what techniques I use to help change this procrastination habit. I know practicing mindful meditation regularly will help, so that will be step one. In a few weeks I will update my progress and share what practices helped me get focussed and get more things done.

What are some habits you plan to leave behind in 2016? Please comment below and share your insights.

One Love

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