Setting Intentions For The Year Ahead

The turn of a new year inspires most of us to make promises and resolutions for a better year ahead. I’ve never been one to follow this tradition. If I ever did set a resolution I would forget about it within the first week of January and that would be that! This year however, I found myself reflecting on 2016 and genuinely wanting to set intentions for 2017.

I took to my journal and wrote a list of intentions. Words like love, action, laughter and healing came out of my pen.

The reason I was never one for resolutions was because there is a sense that setting a resolution for the future means that the present isn’t so great or that where we are isn’t where we should be. This always bothered me. I figured we are where we are because thats where we need to be! You can’t be where you aren’t. And there is a reason you are where you are, and lessons to be learnt at every step. Even if life isn’t going as you want, I truly believe you are where you need to be. Reflection at each stage is necessary to get to where you want to go. This is where intention setting comes in, realizing and directing your path.
I see setting an intention as acknowledging and accepting the present, reflecting on the past and from a genuine place of gratitude for life, sending energy into the atmosphere of a reality we would like to see come to fruition, without too much expectation or angst. The universe listens and indeed gives what is asked, maybe not always in the way we imagined, but it always gives back. It is our duty to not let ourselves get in the way. This does not mean hard work and focus isn’t needed, it means that opportunities and energies come our way and it’s up to us to be connected to ourselves and grounded enough to notice them and go with them, even when fears arise. Not letting ourselves get in our own way.

Why wait for a new year to set intentions?

As I said earlier I was never one for new year resolutions. It never made sense to me, why wait for a new year? Whats so special, just because its a new year? Resolutions can be made at anytime! But this year the significance of a new year hit me. Actually it was my mom that reminded me of this. A new year means we made another trip around the sun. Of course I knew this before, but somehow this year it meant something more to me. The distance this little planet has traveled in the last year and the renewal of the cycle, now that is something worth noting and celebrating. Sometimes the way people talk about it, a new year seems arbitrary, just the turn of the calendar page. But thinking about it in terms of traveling around the sun, and seeing the reality of that, well that’s not arbitrary at all! Renewing this cycle and setting intentions at this time makes sense! The fact that it is the beginning of another journey around the sun means that the intentions we set now are even more energetically charged. Plus this particular year we had a New Moon falling right as the year switched over! So double reasons for setting intentions!

I don’t believe we should follow any of these practices with rigidity, anxiety or a perfectionist attitude. However, if it speaks to you and the energy moves you then go along with it. Setting intentions or making resolutions can be done at any juncture, but there is something special about a new year, a fresh start, the beginning of a new cycle thats exciting and rejuvenating! Well at least I think so…

What are your thoughts? Would love to hear some of your new year intentions or general thoughts on the topic. Feel free to comment below.

One Love*Namaste


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